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The basic concept of this multiplayer crossword game is to answer questions in a field. The field exist out of horizontal and vertical lines that you can fill in, every single block on the field can contain only 1 letter. Or no letter at all in case it is filed with diagonal lines. Every index has its own questions. This is a big free online puzzle game with single and multiplayer support.

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Important features about PuzzleOnline are in the following list. Please take a look if this is the free word game you would like to download.

- Build in 6 stunning puzzle layouts to play.
- Design your own puzzles and play them online with your friends!
- Join-in on (already running) online puzzle at any moment.
- Supporting up to 8 players same time.
- TCP/IP layer with data-loss recovery routines.
- ICQ support and command line support.
- 2 puzzle game modes: cooperative and individual.
- Extended IRC style chat functions : /me
- Private and public chatting.
- Extended options to customize your game.
- Comes with easy installer.
- a puzzle game with multiplayer support!
- Free multiplayer crossword game with multiplayer mode


This is a screenshot of this free puzzle game. The screenshot is resized to fit on the website. The size of the actual game is bigger.

puzzle game example


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